Common Phobias

Some Common Phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear i.e. the person with the fear usually knows that there is nothing nothing to be afraid of. Or they know that what they fear ‘could’ happen but it’s very unlikely to do so.

That said, experiencing or even thinking about whatever they are phobia of can evoke intense fear and discomfort. They know this ‘doesn’t make sense’ but are quite unable to turn this rationalisation into physical and emotional comfort.

There are a few dozen common phobias and in this section of the website there are articles on a few of the very common ones including:

Fear of Flying

Fear of being closed in – Claustrophobia

Fear of heights

Panic Attacks

Public Speaking

Wasps & Insects

Performance Anxiety

Domestic Animals


Crossing bridges

Car travel

Interviews, tests, exams


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