Self-improvement, self development and NLP

Most of us know that it’s a good idea to be involved in self-improvement and personal development. So, every so often we decide were going to do something about it rather than think about it and we head off for the High Street or the online bookshop and by a few books on the subject.

And our Self Improvement Drive lasts a week or two.  And then fizzles out.

Personal change isn’t that easy, is it?

Our New Start doesn’t last long because we find that the theory of Self Improvement, as described in the books, often doesn’t match the everyday reality of our lives.

We find that either the old habits are resistant to change or that the methods provided don’t seem to work for us.

The NLP difference

NLP can help with this. It makes personal development

  • easier
  • more effective
  • more systematic
  • more enduring

It is an optimistic attitude and, because of this, can occasionally be presented in a rather naive manner. However when properly used the NLP ‘technology’ and attitude can achieve results that are sometimes quite astounding.

In our websites Pegasus NLP aim to provide a realistic and down-to-earth look at self improvement and NLP. And we offer ideas on how you can combine them – to achieve results that will encourage you to make personal development a life-long activity.

Practical methods

NLP makes self self-development, self-improvement, and personal development easier and more practical.

This is because, for example, rather than exhort us to “be positive” the NLP approach would be to provide us with specific tools for doing this, including

  • Have to decide how to decide what we think about
  • How to determine whether thinking in images or sounds or feelings or self talk works best for us
  • Using our physiology to support the changes in how we think

You’ve never heard of NLP?

Perhaps you’ve come across the name somewhere – checked it out through a search engine, got tens of millions of pages and are wondering ‘Where do I begin?’  OK, well check out our main NLP website here


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