What’s in the Short Fuse Workshop

 What you learn on the Short Fuse workshop

(Dates for the next workshop will be announced in summer 2017. Use our main contact form to get word immediately dates are finalised.)

  • How we actually get angry – the ‘mechanics’ of the anger habit
  • How to view anger as a habitual response rather than an illness or a personal weakness
  • How to use the Personality Map to understand what makes people (ourselves and others) ‘tick’
  • How strong emotional reactions can occur when beliefs and values are transgressed
  • How to look at situations from the other person’s point of view
  • How we ‘come across’ to other people
  • How to gauge whether or not a ‘short fuse’ response is appropriate
  • How to distinguish between the two main categories of ‘fuse reaction’- Slow-Burn and Instant responses – and the different ways of dealing with each
  • How to nip-in-the-bud the Slow Burn responses
  • How to avoid getting triggered into an Instant Response
  • How you can benefit from eliminating the short-fuse habit – and what you might lose by eliminating it
  • How to recognise that anger is a natural and valid emotion in certain situations as long as it is handled the right way
  • How to identify your personal ‘hot buttons’ – the situations that trigger your anger bouts
  • How to take things a little easier, and to recognise that being ‘right’ isn’t necessarily as important as being ‘happy’
  • The down-side of trying to be in control 100% of the time
  • How to develop new ways of responding to your anger-provoking ‘hot buttons’
  • How to keep a sense of perspective on what is really important in your life
  • How to be less easily affected by the behaviour of others
  • How to remain motivated to eradicate the habit after the workshop is over
  • Additionally, you are likely to benefit from informal chats with others who attend, as they’ll be similarly motivated to deal with their short fuse habit, and by having a couple of days to step back and reflect and plan.
  • Finally, you will also be designing your ‘Future Me’ (your target for applying what you learn at the course) and your Action Plan for putting what you learn into practical action.

Information page about the Short Fuse Workshop

What people have said


This is a very practical, how-to, workshop.

It is not a therapy session.

If your anger habit is producing emotional symptoms or if you would like to explore the historical background to your anger then the practical and matter-of-fact nature of the Short Fuse Workshop is likely to be unsuitable for you. If this is the case it may be useful to seek one-to-one assistance from a qualified therapist – there is a list of UK NLP-trained therapists here www.nlptca.com.

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