The Short Fuse Workshop

The Short Fuse Workshop

Two day to make a difference – in Bournemouth, Dorset

The refreshingly different ‘anger management’ workshop

  • Two days by the sea in Bournemouth to take the heat out of your anger hot buttons and
  • Learn about the mechanics of your short-fuse habit
  • Develop techniques for ‘staying cool’ in hot button situations
  • Develop your personal action plan for a more easy-going future.

Practical ways of dealing with anger

Anger ruins lives. It can lead to broken relationships, isolation and even prison. It causes fear in those close to us and frequently destroys relationships.

It damages careers, too, because companies are reluctant to promote the careers of those who cannot be relied on to keep cool in stressful situations.

And, for the person with the short-fuse habit, it causes remorse and guilt.

But what do you do about it? There is a lot of information available about the ‘what?’ of anger. And the ‘why?  Lots of information about it is and why people get angry. But what is in short supply is information, and practical techniques, for moving beyond the anger habit. In other words, how do you learn to stay, at least, a little more cool a little more of the time?

In this website I have always provided practical techniques on how to handle the short-fuse habit. Now I’ve designed a practical workshop in which you can learn techniques for defusing those hot buttons – with hands-on coaching on how to tailor the methods to suit your personality.

(Dates for the next Short Fuse Workshop in Bournemouth will be announced in Summer 2017. Use our main contact form to get word immediately dates are finalised.)

A fresh approach

This is not a typical anger management workshop.

Instead of learning to ‘manage’ your anger you will learn how to defuse the triggers which activate the anger – so you don’t get angry in the first place.

What’s more, I guarantee that you will not be spending hours sitting on cushions…

  • listening to others talking about their childhood
  • nor listening to patronising lectures on how wrong it is to get angry…
  • nor being taught to ‘relax’ by someone dressed in purple
  • nor having ‘the group’ admonish you for being a naughty boy/girl
  • nor having to endure hours of New Age music and dolphin calls

There is detailed information on what you will learn and experience here.

What people have said about the workshop

Course Details


Dates for the next Short Fuse Workshop will be announced in summer 2017.

Use this contact form to let me know if you would like to be told immediately details are available.


Yes. All Pegasus NLP workshops are guaranteed to meet with your satisfaction. If, by the end of the first day of this workshop, you are not convinced that the workshop will benefit you we will refund your fee, in full, immediately, and without question.

And another thing…

The workshop is not for those who feel righteous and justified in their anger.

It is for those who have already decided that having a short-fuse is no longer acceptable to them.

It is for people who want to be free to have fun and to enjoy life and relationships and peace of mind.

This is a workshop. It is not a group therapy session. And this is because we look upon anger as a habit rather than an illness or a personal weakness. So the solution is to learn better ways of handling frustrations, setbacks, disappointments, and other ‘hot buttons’.

In this straight-forward workshop you will learn, and begin applying, practical methods for changing your life. Starting right away.

‘The workshop is led by me, Reg Connolly. I am an NLP Trainer and former psychotherapist, who has worked with stressed and anger-prone people for over 22 years – and I have used the methods presented in this workshop to deal with my own (former) short-fuse habit.’

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