Our Anger Poll

What makes you angry…?

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And what makes others angry?

Use our not-too-serious poll to let others know of the things that get under your skin – that cause the red mist to descend.

Like most unpleasant emotions anger tends to be either an Instant Response to something (and, in NLP this is called an anchor) – or a gradual build-up, over hours or days.

This poll is for those Instant Responses – or, in NLP terms, those Anger Anchors i.e. the things people do, or the events which happen, which are guaranteed to press your hot buttons…

…get up your nose

…cause smoke to come out of your ears

…cause the red mist to begin to descend.

If your favourite hot button isn’t listed you can use our contact form to have one added to the list (such as ‘silly online poll’s for instance?)

Remember you only get one vote – and you can see the results to date by clicking on the bottom left-hand button.



What presses your buttons?

Being tailgaited while driving?0%
Receiving sour service in a restaurant or store?0%
Queue-jumpers – when you’re standing in line?0%
Not getting a reply when you ask a question of a stranger or colleague?0%
Automated telephone switchboards with longs lists of choices?0%
Drivers who stick exactly to the speed limit?0%
Noisy children playing outside your home?0%
People who speak to you in a patronising manner?0%
Family members who are untidy?0%
People who silently sulk in order to get their own way?0%
People who arrive later for a social meet?0%
Unsolicited telephone ‘cold calls’?0%
Automated telephone switchboards with longs lists of choices?0%
Smokers who let their smoke drift in your direction?0%

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