About us

The Pegasus NLP Philosophy

We believe that

– the more actively we engage in looking after ourselves the more empowered we become and

– the more we hand over responsibility for our well-being to outside ‘experts’ the more passive and dis-empowered we become.

This is certainly not to say that we should not avail ourselves of the services of experts. It is wise to do this, particularly if we experience an accident or serious illness.

However, even in such cases, we need to remain aware of our responsibility for understanding our situation, verifying the skills and expertise of the experts, and making our own choices.

Pegasus NLP Trainings

This site is run by our sister site Pegasus NLP, who provide NLP-based personal development trainings and workshops for individuals in thein the south of England. Our core trainer is Reg Connolly and we have network of  Pegasus-trained trainers who have their own specialties.

Our Core Trainer

Reg Connolly is a Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, a former Registered Psychotherapist with the United Kingdom Council and guest trainer with the Irish Management Institute, and an Accredited National High and Low Ropes course Instructor.

Our Director of Training, he is known for his informal and humorous style  and for his extensive practical  experience in applying NLP – he has been involved in the practical application of NLP since the beginning of the 80’s, has trained with most of its leading innovators including the co-founder Richard Bandler, and has worked with thousands of people as a therapist and personal and professional development coach.

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